On November 26 prince arrived to the international airport Kenneth Kaunda where Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa, Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo and Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Malanji was met him.Prince Harry arrived in Zambia one, without the pregnant wife. He will stay in Zambia about two days, and further he continue the African trip.

At a meeting with prince Harry the president of Lungu noted that the most important on what relationship of Britain and Zambia is based is general views on a control system and force of the law. Also, he noticed that him personally and all people of Zambia think of the membership in Commonwealth family with all sincerity.

The president thanked Great Britain in the person of prince Harry, for the help which it renders to Zambia for many years and wise advices which the country leaders willingly take for preservation and development of democracy.

In turn, prince Harry answered that for him it is a great honor to visit Zambia within the Africa tour. Harry noted that he would like to create the most comfortable conditions for youth in Zambia, on means of the special actions directed to the help young people in job search and investments in this sphere.

In the program of a two-day visit of Zambia the prince also has to meet personally the president of Edgar Lungu to get more information of celebration of century of the country. Its program also includes visit of Burma Barracks  in the capital of the country Lusaka where there will take place the meeting with the country’s World War veterans.

According to Fergus Cochrane-Dyet, British High Commissioner to Zambia, The Duke of Sussex is very interested in development of the relations with the African countries therefore all people of Zambia hope that his visit will give only positive results.


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