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Opposition party in Eastern province welcomed President Lungu’s action to proposethe candidate for president from MMD national Secretary Rapheal Nakachinda as Member of Parliament party


The president of Edgar Lungu showed gesture of good will in relation to party MMD when appointed the candidate for president from opposition Rapheal Nakachinda as the member of parliament. Nakachinda will hold a position of Mutati which dismissed from this post earlier, and whom appointment in parliament was cancelled by the president.

MMD vice president for politics Reuben Mtolo Phiri twisted that this event was very positively accepted by party and all members of MMD are very grateful president for this appointment. Phiri also noted that the party will make all efforts to help to Mr Nakachinda with its work in parliament. And of course he noted that this appointment is an indicator that the president highly appreciates MMD and their political contribution.

MMD vice president told journalists that soon he will go to a meeting of party where future development of MMD will be discussed. The question of participation in elections will be one of the main agenda at this conference, before the party refused a pre-election race, aiming all resources at the development of party in the country.

Journalists were also informed by Amos Chanda, Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations which not only announced information on new appointment, but also repeated the words of the president that this event has to support the most important alliance of  MMD party and the Patriotic Front.

Chanda especially emphasized the fact that the president of Edgar Lungu was deeply shocked by honesty, nobility of Rapheal Nakachinda and his huge sincere desire to serve for the benefit of all Zambia.


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