The UTM leader made the speech at the UTM meeting that has recently taken place in Karonga. One of the main problems he intended to solve is to lift this inexplicable increase in fuel prices. Before, the MERA has made the statement for a 6 per cent adjustment in fuel prices in the country. And Collins Magalasi, the MERA’s top official, said that Malawi will purchase some of the cheap fuel.

Having addressed the audience, Chilima said that Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) supports this increase illegally without any reasons for it. According to him, it is very strange to observe such prices fluctuations only in Malawi whereas oil market price falls worldwide. Chilima confirmed that kwacha was losing its ground compared to other currencies, but a solution to the kwacha depreciation in such market is not a viable one.

“Fuel prices should go back where they were, this is not an issue we should be wasting time arguing on, just reduce those prices right now,” – Vice President said. He also added that more lie does not want from MERA, on the contrary the whole country deserves adequate explanations.

In the speech the vice president also addressed Karonga inhabitants, having promised to get to the development of the area, if he is elected next year, as well as to get the city status for Karonga as it is the large economic center in the country. The proposals by the vice president were supported by the majority of citizens present.

The increase in fuel prices in Malawi disturbs not only Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima, but also Archbishop Thomas Luke Msusa who is confused by such economic situation. He is concerned the price had gone up twice and “even Bishops will start walking on foot to visit Christians”.


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