November comes to an end and there came penultimate week of parliamentary year of work therefore on the solution of the most important problems all resources rush while less important questions drop out because of a lack of time.

These last weeks legislators plan to consider several traditional questions connected with transport problems, increasing crime rate, tax questions and environmental problems and also the new threats arising because of the cyber terrorism.

Also vote of both chambers has to be taken, the marathon on which there will undergo discussion the statement for medium-term budgetary policy and the bill of allocations for adjustments will be carried out.

Deputies are also faced by a task to discuss further implementation of the National Development Plan, to carry out, the plenary meeting which became already traditional devoted to fight against violence over women and children.

On the agenda there will also be questions of safety which will be considered with assistance of SAPS. Together with deputies additional measures of safety during the festive period will be discussed and improoved. Special attention will be paid recently to fight against organized crime so this issue will be discussed by one of the first.

Results of work in education sphere will be one of priority subjects for discussions. The updated statistics on various payments and grants to students will be provided by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme.

Members of both chambers will also hear the report of theDepartment of Water Affairs and Sanitation regarding expenses and results of joint projects.

Besides adoption of new laws and amendments, also will be consideration and cancellation of some legal acts, for example in such bills as: Civil Union Bill; Taxation Laws Amendment Bill; Tax Administration Laws Amendment Bill and others.


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